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2020 Product Range

The Elite Series have been upgraded with power factor correction for increased efficiency, more power and cooler operation.

These high frequency battery chargers now have universal input capability accepting 100-240V AC.  Output voltage, output current and charging algorithm can be adjusted using dip switches.  This is a switch mode charger with high frequency transformers and IGBTs with digital controls. Both current and voltage output are finely controlled regardless of AC input. Low output ripple makes it ideal for sealed batteries including gel, agm flat or spiral and pure lead types. High efficiency >92% ensures maximum charging power with low consumption. Output currents shown are bulk rates with no power de-rating. Suitable for all brands of wet, gel and agm lead-acid batteries.  LiFePO4 and Li-PO profiles available on special order.  The Elite 1 chargers are CEC compliant and bear the BC mark.  These chargers are suitable for approved on-board installations and can be supplied with safety interlock wiring if required.

Elite 1 XP
Elite 1
Delta AKKU 12V
Delta AKKU 24V



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