High Frequency Battery Chargers


of high frequency battery chargers use traditional wound transformers and high frequency power switching controlled by a microprocessor. Current and voltage output are finely controlled regardless of AC input making them ideal for the latest sealed battery technologies. Many pre-programmed charging curves are available for Flooded-Lead Acid, GEL and AGM deep cycle as well as starting batteries. All can be optimally recharged. The digital display confirms the current, voltage and battery type setting during start-up. It also provides status during recharge including current output, actual battery voltage, elapsed recharge time plus Ah capacity and kWh returned to the batteries in the charge cycle. Units can be set for 12V or 24V output with any of the various current outputs shown below.

CAUTION: Use of dip switch settings documents to change charging profiles without sufficient understanding or technical knowledge can lead to battery damage and safety issues. If you need assistance or recommendations please contact us by e-mail.


• Fully automatic operation

• Microprocessor controlled

• Programmable output current and voltage

• Digital display of charging, charging parameters

• Reverse polarity & short circuit protection

• Output relay prevents DC plug arcing

• Insensitive to line voltage fluctuations


• Autoscrubbers

• Sweepers

• Mobility scooters

• Power chairs

• Stackers

• Tugs

• Recreational Vehicles

• Platform Lifts

• Pallet Trucks

• Stackers


and more


• Input range: 115AC +\- 15%,

• CSA certified (CAN/CSA-C22.2
No. 107.2 and UL 1236)

• Output ripple < 100mV at maximum power

• Efficiency > 85%

• Thermal protection against overheating

• Operating temperature: -10°C

to +45°C (14°F to 113°F)

• Max humidity: 90%

• Specifications are subject to change without notice

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